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Charles Paxton is a British ex-patriot writer / photographer / film maker from Cumbria, England now based near Farmerville, Louisiana with his gorgeous wife Kimberly from West Monroe.

He has travelled to and through over 40 countries in his 52 years of life.  He and his wife enjoy exploring wild places and documenting the wonderful diversity of wildlife that they encounter.

In England they studied prehistoric sites, here they pursue wildlife through the lens on foot, in kayak and by car. He says “There’s nothing as enthralling as God’s creation and it is a delight to explore it and learn more about it.”

Charles has a MA in Environmental Education from Nottingham Trent University and he and his wife are currently enrolled in the Master Naturalists’ Program at Black Bayou and the New York Institute of Photography’s Professional Photographer and Photojournalism courses.

His work has appeared in exhibitions, newspapers and magazines here and abroad. He publishes his work through and

At the moment Charles is honoured to be exhibiting some wildlife pictures at Farmerville’s Union Museum of History and Art