The Welsh Valleys are renowned for fine music. Pictured above, Brollyman relaxes in his studio recently during a short break in composition  for a film  about  tigers and their conservation.

† Whether working solo, or with his good friend Carlos Fandango, the Music is first composed in ‘ The Crow’s Nest’.

† Then it is mixed to satisfaction in their second studio ‘Parasol City’.

† Once mixed, the music is then mastered in Haford and dispatched to the client.

Whatever your media might be, whatever your musical needs, you can count on Brollyman to enhance your project.

For more please see


•‘Visions of India’ 12 x 5 minute programmes on contemporary India produced by BBC Worldwide

'Meerkat Manor' 4 series of 13 parts, an animal Soap produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet & sold worldwide. ( )

 'Lemur Island' 10 a part series produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Channel 5.­island/lemur-­island-­tuesday-­march-­21

 'Lemur Streets' 20 a part series produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Animal


 'Reefs' 30 minute DVD to accompany a coffee table book on the underwater life of South East Asia produced by Scubazoo for Dorling Kindersley.

'Planet Wild' Short title sequence for BBC Worldwide to accompany their reversioning of the Toyota World of Wildlife.

 'Ella, A Meerkats Tale' A Natural World-­‐produced by Oxford Scientific Films for BBC2.

 'Portillo goes Wild in Spain' A Natural World-­‐, directed by Jeremy Bristow for BBC2.

 'A life of Slime!' 50 min doc for Nat Geo US produced by Oxford Scientific Films.

 'Macro Gladiators' 'Stealth Hunters' 'Unlikely Carnivores' 'Cold Blooded Killers' 'Masters of Disguise', ‘Flying Insects' 50 min docs forming part of the 'Built for the Kill' series produced by Southern Star for National Geographic.

 'The Asean Dream' Half hour Biodiversity film produced by Scubazoo in Malaysia.

 'Inti Warri Nassi' Half hour conservation film about an animal Sanctuary in Bolivia, produced by Katie Millward.

 'Jane Goodalls State of the Great Ape' Two hour special for Discovery America. Produced by "Tigress Production's" Producer; Honor Peters.

 ‘Volcano Alert' 23 minute film for Channel 5 Produced by 'Tigress Production's' Producer; Jennie Jones.

 ‘Secret Nature’ 12 x 50 minute documentaries Produced by Southern Star. Producers; Julian Thomas & Daniella Pulverer.

 'Piranha Attack' 1 hour film for channel 5. Produced by 'Tigress Production's' Producer; Oliver


 'Roman Mummies' Half hour film for channel 5. Produced by 'Tigress Production's' Producer; Kate Butler.

 'Lost Mummies of the Clouds' Half hour film for channel 5. Produced by 'Tigress

Production's' Producer; Kate Butler.

 'Lost Mummies of the desert' Half hour film for channel 5. Produced by "Tigress

Production's" Producer; Ben Wallis.

 'Animal Mummies' Half hour film for channel 5. Produced by 'Tigress Production's' Producer; Andy Brown.

 'Toyota World of Wildlife' Series 2, 3, 4 & 5. 104 episodes of a magazine style wildlife series,

Produced by Sunset & Vine, Granada Wild & BBC NHU.

 'Kill or Cure' 6 part series for Animal Planet called produced by Telesgop.

 'Parasites eating us alive' 55 minute documentary produced by Telesgop for Discovery America.


 'Pinnochio & Buckaroo' two Interactive web based games for Disney, produced by Metropolis for Hasbro.

 'Hanas Helpline' two 26 part preschool Children’s Animation series sold worldwide produced by Calon TV.

• 'Disney Trivial Pursuits' Trailer for the interactive DVD Game produced by Metropolis for Hasbro.

'Trivial Pursuits -­’War of the Wedges' Trailer for the interactive DVD Game produced by Metropolis for Hasbro.

‘Lottie & Benji -­’The Habitat Hunters’ Short Film Produced by ColourWheel animation

 'Novo 7' 2 minute Corporate animation for Onscreen Productions.

'Franks Bronchitus' & 'Geralds Nasty Cough' both medical Corporates for OnScreen Productions.

•'Deedledudes' 6 minute pilot for Animasia.

'Cone Control' Two 26 episode series. produced by Anamasia.

'Knife & Wife' Half hour comedy for channel 4's Comedy Lab produced by Siriol.

'Siriol Showreel' Just under three minutes of total mayhem. Musicians featured; Marcin Wright-­ Flute,

Clarinet, Soprano, Tenor & Alto sax. Gethin Liddington-­Trumpet Deri Roberts-­Trombone & Didgeridoo

Mark Darby-­Violin Larry Williams & Sarah Campbell -­Vocals Brollyman Saucepan lids, buckets & Ladels.

'The drums of Noto Hanto' 12 minute Animation Produced by Siriol Animation for S4C. A 15th Century

Japanese folk tale telling how simple drum making villagers beat off an attack by a Samurai ship.

Sample based Orchestration was used for the Samurai & the villagers were represented by authentic

instruments including shakkahazzi, koto & shamisen. To maintain control over the project Brolly &

engineer Andy Allan took a portable studio to work with James Barrow at the Taiko drum centre in

Reading where all the drums were sampled. They were then sequenced in with James improvising

over the top of Shime &  Okeda. As well as singing a simple folk song Erina & Kanako were needed to

create the sounds of angry ghosts moaning in the wind. The whole job was recorded & track laid at

parasol city. The mix was done at the Snake Ranch with Gerry 'o' Riordan where the whole project

was mixed in 5:1 as well as stereo.

'Elephants' 7 x twenty second animation's of an elephant trying unsuccessfully towalk along a

tightrope.. Produced by Onscreen productions.


‘Aunties Smalls’ Title sequence for Virgin TV produced by BBC Worldwide

‘Rock Britannia’ Title sequence for Virgin TV produced by BBC Worldwide

‘Ripcurl’ Title sequence for Motion Gallery produced by BBC Worldwide

'Dr Finlays Casebook' titles & underscore for a 4 part BBC2 Wales series produced by Fulmar West TV.

'Starhyke' The Pilot episode of a futuristic Science Fiction Comedy series. Combining live action with

CGI the cast & crew 'boldly going where no one else wants to go!!'

Sky Gambling Channel 3 title sequences for. Titles produced by Luck Box.

'Crash Test Dummies' for Sky one

WDA 4x TV commercials for the WDA in Wales directed by Martyn Hurst for Onscreen Productions.

'Travel to...’ 20 x promos with a travel theme for BBC Worldwide. promos included Argentina,

Australia Brazil, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ireland, India, Japan, Memphis, Mexico, New York, Paris, Rome,

Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Vienna & one other that escapes us right now!!!!

BBC Worldwide 12 x ninety second promos for their library sales.

'The White Plague' 50 minute documentary on the social history of Tuberculosis in Wales. Produced

by Telesgop.

'Porthgain' 6 part fly on the wall documentary about a Welsh coastal village. Produced by Telesgop.

'The huntsman' 4 part fly on the wall documentary about a Welsh Huntsman Produced by Telesgop.

'Gwyllt' Two 6 part series about conservation issues across Wales. Produced by Telesgop.

'House for the future' 3 part series for BBC1 Wales following the design & creation of a modern


'Twmbl' 8 part series for S4C following life in a Welsh town, produced by Telesgop.

'Post Mortem' 6 half hour series made for channel 5.

'Gwib' Titles for 26 episode pre-­‐school children's series. Produced by Telesgop.

'Extreme Lives' Title sequence for BBC series about people who practise extreme sports. produced by

BBC Wales.

'John 10%' 4 part Fly on the wall documentary following a gentleman's outfitters. Produced by


'The Debt' 20 minute short film by director Steve Sullivan. Black comedy about a man who has to bear

the consequences of the debts he's created. Produced by Richard Staniforth.

'Black Dog' Working as music producer & sound designer for composer Gareth Davies for Catherine

Lindstroms short film.

'Planed Plant' new stings & idents {4 seconds]for S4C'S pre-­‐school slot. Produced by Eclipse Creative.

NOKIA TV ad for Nokia for the South African market. Produced by Business theatre Productions.

'Beks' Stings & idents for Radio Cymru's premier youth show. MUSIC -­‐ Dance & Sound Design.

'Maniffesto' Current affairs programme for S4C. Produced by BBC Wales.


'Trivial Pursuits' Music for the interactive DVD Game produced by Metropolis for Hasbro.

Lewis Hamilton's Unofficial Biography A DVD produced by Warner Music.

Des Lynham Sports Quiz, Barry Norman Film Quiz, James May Car Quiz Ian Wright Football Comedy Bloopers

•Exercise with Claire Sweeney with Weightwatchers, Exercise with Ulrika Johnson

•Poker with John Thomson, Horseracing with John McCririck

•'Gazza' football biography

Music for a series of DVDs produced by 1010 Productions.

'A bit on the Side' Short film for Director Steve Sullivan.

Music for touch screen a facility for the Welsh Assembly to go to China. produced by Nimbus


Pilates DVD for The Rights Company.

Dog training DVD for The Rights Company.

A medical Corporate (Sativex) for Onscreen Productions.

Football with Jeff Stelling for Sky Sports produced by 1010 Productions.

'School Safari' short film called directed by Tony Foster & produced by Forget about it films.

Current up to February 09

Contact Brollyman Productions:

For latest work and information please visit:

Brollyman is known for creating expressive and unique 'Sound Worlds', distinctly identifiable musical narratives “which enhance and accentuate a production's brand”.

He consistently achieves sympathetic harmony of visual and musical content and distinguishing themes.

He has worked for great names in television documentary - The BBC, BBC Worldwide, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc., and in general programming,  in animation, in gaming and in advertising.

Brollyman is a very accomplished media composer and his love for his work shines through each project. See a partial list of his projects below.

Brollyman, Media Composer and Musician

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